Seminar on SDG 2: Zero hunger, in Dili

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Hi everyone! The Kria dalan team in Timor-Leste hosted a seminar on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) this monday (december 3rd). The venue was the Ministry of social, solidarity and inclusive affairs. Board members Fabio Simões and Eka Costa has written a summary of the seminar that you can read below.

For this seminar we invited three guest speakers. The first speaker came from the World Food Program (WFP) and talked about obstacles with implementation of the SDGs in the case of goal number 2: Zero hunger. The second lecture was given by the director of the Peace Center at UNTL, Professor Antero Benedito da Silva. He talked about nutrition and peace building. Unfortunately the third speaker could not come.

We are very proud to announce that the seminar was participated actively by university students and volunteer groups in Dili, counting 65 participants present. The seminar was featured in the Timor Leste Journal and by UNTL Radio.

The participants on the seminar. Lecturers in the middle – from WFP in yellow shirt and white pants, Antero da Silva in blue shirt and black pants. 

In the seminar, the World Food Program presented research data showing that Timor-Leste still is affected by malnutrition with a huge percentage, and that many communities in rural areas don’t know a lot about nutrition. In his speech, Mr. Antero  said that when a family is facing malnutrition and hunger, it means they would live without peace. Mr. Antero said that because of this, we need to make a kitchen revolution – meaning that we Timorese need to control ourselves regarding what we are going to eat, so that we can have food on our table in the future. Besides this, he said that in Timor-Leste there is still no safety and sovereignty of food, so when we are talking about zero hunger, we have to make a clear definition of it, because it’s not only about the quantity, it’s about the quality of the food too.

See more pictures from the event below.

Many of the participants asked questions.
The lecture theatre was full!
Professor Antero being interviewed by the press.

Author: Fabio Simões and Eka Costa